Parents' testimonials

The children love their nursery and so do the parents. 

'My 2 year daughter absolutely loves Playgroup. She loves coming here as she feels secure and happy. She is kept active and busy throughout.'

Ben Bisek  (Farrah's dad)


"Excellent playgroup. The only place I've been genuinely happy to leave my daughter."

Lucy (Clemmy's mum)

"I like that the children are happy and can enjoy learning at their own speed. I enjoy to see children using their imagination play at lot."

Elise (Emya's mum)


'Having visited many nurseries and daycare centres, I must say that St Augustine's has been the very best Playgroup I have ever found. I can not recommend it highly enough and much of this is due to the true dedication of its excellent staff who work tirelessly in and out of playgroup hours'. 

Adina  (Mum of Kiran)

"Emily gets so much out of attending playgroup and that is why she will stay another year. The staff are wonderful and committed."

Angelina (Emily's mum)

"The staff are playgroup's greatest asset, it is them who make it a wonderful environment for the children."

Fiona (Rory's mum)