Healthy Early Years

As a Healthy Early Years London setting, we promote health and well-being through encouraging physical activity and providing consistent messages to children, parents and staff.

Our planning for both indoor and outdoor physical activities is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children have free-flow access to large space to move, explore and play imaginatively either inside or outside.

We provide equipment to facilitate physical play,

e.g. claiming frames, trampoline, bats and balls, tricycles, balancing beams, soft play blocks and we lead structured activities that encourage movement, e.g. action songs, parachutes games and other group games such as Hide and seek or What’s the time Mr Wolf.

We encourage the exploration of the natural world through walks and games in the environment such as nature walks to collect resources or treasure hunts and by providing gardening activities in our garden.

We endeavour to provide an environment which promotes physical activity throughout each day. We ensure that outdoor activities are planned and children can access these on a daily basis by providing free-flow play.

Staff are confident in giving out advice to parents and carers in relation to families adopting healthy lifestyles and being physically active. We also promote a range of information, activities and parenting programmes that support parents understanding of children’s development, healthy eating diet and the importance of being physically active.