Getting involved

Parental involvement and enthusiasm is essential for the successful running of our nursery. 

We greatly value parents and carers’ involvement, and we always encourage you to get involved and contribute to the children’s experiences, may it be by coming along to celebrate a cultural event, sharing some of your special skills with the children (cooking, playing a musical instrument, dancing, gardening, etc…) or coming to speak about your profession (you may wear an uniform at work or have fascinating equipment), your hobby, or just anything else that might interest the young minds!

You are also welcome to just offer some of your time with the children and we will be sure to find you something to do! (Younger siblings are welcome too.)


The Nursery is a charity and relies on grants from the Council and any additional forms of funding. In these days of adversity and cuts, it has not been easy for the nursery to make ends meet but it has always managed to stay well in credit. 

The Nursery is always looking out for new ways of raising funds, be it for core expenses or special projects. if you are keen to get involved in helping raise funds, please do let one of the committee members know.

We are currently working on developing the garden for the children.

Any help or suggestion is always welcome and appreciated. 

 The Nursery Committee


The Nursery is run by a Committee of parents and carers on a volunteer basis. The Committee meets on average two hours per half-term.

During these meetings carers provide feedback on what they feel is going well with the Nursery and what suggestions they have for change.  

The administration and running of the Nursery is also reviewed. Any issues of importance to the Nursery are openly discussed and decisions are made democratically and to the best interests of the children, staff and the Nursery as a whole. 

To ensure the smooth running of the Nursery, the chair/s are in frequent contact with the Manager. 


The Committee is formed of the following roles. Currently it comprises of the parents listed below:


Co-chairs - Petuch Minsende and Emma Kelly

Treasurer - Alejandra Bermejo

Petty Cash - Louisa Troughton

Secretary - Lisa Pfaffenrath

​While the Committee members take on specific roles in the Nursery, help is always welcome from other parents. Everyone is encouraged to be involved and to assist where they can as parents are divided into support teams and drawn upon when needed.