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Our Day

“If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes,

learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.” 

- Alfie Kohn

Daily Routine

We follow a regular structure for the day at the nursery. Knowing what to expect makes the children feel secure and they begin to look forward to parts of the routine they like, helping them settle happily into the nursery.


9:00-9.20am - Welcome time, Self register


9:25am - 'Good Morning' song


9:30am  - Free Play (child initiated) and Focused Activities inside / outside (free-flow)


10:15am - Snack time


11:30am - Tidy Up time outside followed by Tidy Up inside


12.00pm - Story Groups (i.e story time, props, early phonics, songs)


12:15pm - Lunchtime


12. 35pm - Story reading/Quiet play


12.45pm - Home time

Optional afternoon session


12.45pm - Child-initiated play/Adult-led small group activities/ Nap time (optional)

2.00pm - Tidy up time


2.10pm - Snack time


2.20pm - Story and songs time


2.30pm - Home time

Snack & Lunch

Children are offered a mid-morning snack at nursery. It includes a cup of milk or water, a variety of fruits, bread sticks or rice cakes and yoghurt, for example. We ask that parents and carers contribute to snack time by providing one snack item per week. (E.g: one melon, a bunch of bananas, a bag of apples, a packet of crackers, a large pot of yoghurt, etc…) A list of suggested snacks is available at the setting.

Children will need to bring a packed lunch each day. The nursery recommends that lunches are healthy and do not include crisps, fizzy drinks or chocolate bars. Fresh water will be provided by the nursery. 

Due to the severity of reaction in children who are allergic to nuts, no nuts or peanut butter are allowed as part of the packed lunch.

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If your child is ill, please phone the nursery in the morning on 020 7704 8003 or text us on the parent's group chat to advise us that your child will not be attending  that day.


In cases of family holidays or other pre-arranged absences, the nursery should be notified as soon as possible. Fees are still payable during absences.


If a child has an unexplained absence of two weeks or more, and that parents do not respond to attempts to be contacted, it is our policy that the child's place may be given to the next child on the waiting list.

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